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Kakashi dan anko

She orders that the Third Hokage be informed of what's happened, that two teams of Anbu be deployed, and then goes into the forest to find Orochimaru on her own. Sie gilt als Spielerin, unkompliziert und mutig. While under Orochimaru's wing, she was taught many of his techniques, such as the Hidden Shadow Snake Hands and its stronger variant. Uchiha Itachi was an enigma. Show Ignored Content.

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Kakashi dan anko

Over this, she typically wears a tan overcoat with a purple in-seam and a pocket on each side, a dark orange mini-skirt, a dark blue belt, and pale grey shin guards. He wanted to die. Naruto Forums. Mei, Kurenai and Ankos ages Forgot your password? Ultimately, Anko defeated and subdued the group of students. He had failed them. Anko has incredible aim, able to make a perfect Konoha symbol out of dango sticks without even looking.

Kakashi couple by FireheartedVang. Sory Anko-chan Passend dazu beziehen sich ihr Vor- und Nachname auf Dango-Varianten. I really like it. I hope you do more for them. When she realises that she entered too soon, she tries deflecting blame by instead reprimanding the first stage's proctor, Ibiki Morino , for how many genin were allowed to pass to the second stage. Mei, Kurenai and Ankos ages In addition to the typical forehead protector , she also wears a small pendant that looks like a snake fang and a wristwatch. Kakashi wins easily and they make a good pair.

She doesn't deserve a second chance, however fate gave it to her, and no one refuses fate. And I cannot stand Sakura or other characters, but I'm not going around there saying it on pics related to Sakura with Kakashi and others as example xP. There, the entire class was set up to face Anko, Shino, and Konohamaru for 24 hours. Mojim , Jun 18, Top of Work Index. I love you Kakashi Kakashi: kisses her on the cheek Both of them walk back home kissing. He had failed them. Anko remains unconscious throughout the ordeal and they leave her behind. As the Land of Water wishes to expand military power into the bordering seas, Mei feared that this could escalate into war again. It is eventually removed from her body following the Fourth Shinobi World War.

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Jeffrey , Jun 19, Il n'est clairement pas inutile de lire l'histoire originale! Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? But what if Kami decided to play with him? Mei, Kurenai and Ankos ages See More by Anko-sensei. Anko flashes Kakashi and kakashi nose bleeds to death. Kakashi wins. Gai is clueless and absent, Genma sent on a month long mission and Anko is the one giving Kakashi advice - or maybe seducing him. Sie muss als Genin sehr stark gewesen sein, da Orochimaru Interesse an ihrem Talent bekam.

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Before he was born his life was planned out for him. Anko ist eine schlanke Frau mit hellbraunen Augen und violetten Haaren, die sie hinten zu einem Pferdeschwanz zusammengebunden hat. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Anko tries to argue that Sasuke be removed from the exams and placed under guard, but the Third insists the exams continue per Orochimaru's instructions. Ihr Lieblingsspruch ist "Hier bin ich! Sie wird jedoch von Kabuto entdeckt und angegriffen. But Anko will have to get there before me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Sie muss als Genin sehr stark gewesen sein, da Orochimaru Interesse an ihrem Talent bekam.

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Was it stated he was us But, he's so used to having someone stay with him, he wants to find another. Two weeks later, when the students skipped Shino Aburame 's class to watch a fight between Iwabee Yuino and Boruto, Anko gave the class a severe scolding afterwards. Einzig ihrem stacheligen lila Zopf ist sie treu geblieben. Probably not what you think. Guys, she's knew, explain it to her. Tanno , Sep 20, Naruto: Shinobi Collection.

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That's why everyone are saying Kakashi and so do I. I love so much this couple Top of Work Index. S , Sep 20, Sorry I don't do free requests SakuraKakashi? Get an Invitation. I don't know if I like this pairing or not. Naruto by DakuraLP.

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Ich entschuldige mich, aber meiner Meinung nach lassen Sie den Fehler zu. Ich kann die Position verteidigen. Schreiben Sie mir in PM, wir werden reden.


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